Sir, I have married on 2002 and I have a 11 yrs old daughter .From the begining we couldn't adjust still now.she is not ready to make an adjustment only fighting and fighting not only with her but her family as well .finally ,i decided to file a divorce notice.could you tell me what about my properties , financial assets , deposits and my pension and what is the percentage i give them ? The second problem is that she is not willing to a divorce in such a situation what shall i do ?without her consent a divorce is possible...?Can i file a divorce notice...?If i transfer my property and finacial deposits in my father's name then there is any problem ?all properties and financial deposits are only in my name and all are beloging to me only.now there aim is only my properties and pension .please give a advice sir ,in such a situation what shall i do..? The third problem is that ,the marriage time she has got 50 pavan gold and that is, she is handling. she has kept that in the locker.but i don't know which SBI locker...?is create any problem during the divorce filing..? please sir give me a suitable ways. Best regards, G prasad.