hi, I am Mayurdhwajsinh rahevar from Gujarat. Wife Age: 32 My Age 34. Date of Marriage: 16.2.2008 Kid: 2.5 Years. I lived in Ahmedabad with my wife and kid. we lived nuclear and my parents lives 100 km away from us. My in laws lives just near to my house. On 20th Aug My wife left house with her mom saying she will join a job n will return in a month. I requested her not to go as we have small kid n if she joins a job who will take care of him and also bcose my kid is very close to me. The problem started with a proposal of job. I tied to convince her that she can join a job after a year once our kid can manage things by his own but she denied as she dont want a responsibility of a kid. I thought it all happened bcos we are near to her parents and relative so i sold my flat which was on my name. I told her that we will sell this house and will buy a new one bt she got angry and asked to get back a possession of sold flat.i tried to convince her that we will stay little away from her family so we can have peaceful life bt she not willing to do so. After a week she called me and asked for money else she will file a case against me and my family. Her father is a police officer and her uncle is a good lawyer in Gujarat High court. I tried to convince her a lot also said we will buy a new house bt she is nt ready to listen n asking for 40 lacs for settlement else will file a case. On 6th oct,2014 she filed a case and section in FIR are 498(k),323,206/2,294(kh),114-3&7,214/218. They are framing a case against my family and me. what i should do? I am much tensed and worried. Please provide a guidance so i can save my parents at least. and I want my kid. They are nt allowing me to meet my kid. B.regards, Mayurdhwajsinh Rahevar