Nh compensation amount given by land acquisition officer

I am Bishnu Charan Pradhan i got a notice from dhenkanal land acquisition office notice no- L.A Case No 52/53/2012 due to this on date 23/07/2015 I have got from this notice . I come to know that under Mauza- Motang ,Khatiyan no-209, Plot-1276, from this plot 0.06 decimal Plot which is fully under my property. But the building compensation amount taken to chitta ranjan sahu and Bidyadhara mahakuda Illegally which was our right to take the building compensation claim amount.i have make a 5 year deed agreement and give my plot in monthly rent to mr chitta ranjan sahu to open a hotel business with make a temporally constructed.The agreement is complete on the date 30/11/2014. Another things I am inform to you In this plot no building is made right now . I have already complain to our Dhenkanal Land acquisition officer & Dhenkanal collecter , When the time I got notice in regards compensation amount not paid to me .He have to give him till 6 dates for hearing but in this dates I did not give any justice or compensation amount , So far it has gone 1 Years. I pray to you as soon as give my compensation amount. Therefore I kindly request to you please give justice with me for this your kind act. I will be grateful to you forever. my question is mr chitta ranjan is liable to give construction compensation or not .