Mental Harassment

I had an arranged marriage last year. My husband seemed to be a loving person but he wasn not completely honest with me about several issues before marriage. He has erectile dysfunction which was revealed after marriage. He made a veiled threat that I should not talk discuss this with anyone (my parents and his parents). I tried to be patient and understanding and trusted him to get medical attention but he has just taken me for a ride all the time. He took me for 3 foreign trips and claims that I am being ungrateful by not acknowledging his love and that I keep pestering him about his condition. My in-laws stay with us for only 4 months a year. Last year, just after marriage everything was alright because my in-laws were running the house and it was supposed to be my "Training period". This year, since I am in charge, there has been nothing but complaints and insults hurled at me and my parents. My father in law enjoys shouting at me for petty matters. My husband does not support me. Initially he pretended to sort matters but every alternate day his father creates a new issue. Hence i began avoiding him and kept my conversation with him to a bare minimum. Now all three of them keep ganging up against me and telling that I am being disrespectful (just because i don't talk to my FIL). He keeps suggesting that I have to knuckle under and I should do things and live the way they specify me to. My husband threatens me that his parents are the most important in his life and if I don't comply with everything they say then he will divorce me. His parents threatened my parents that if I don't abide by each and every wish of theirs then they won't let me live in this house. My parents have been called twice and insulted, especially my mother by my husband and in laws. Only because i finally confided that my husband has ED and she brought it to their notice. My father is very timid and weakminded so they keep ganging up on him and playing him against me and my mother. We have tried to explain countless number of times but my father is not able to support me the way he should. My in-laws are putting the condition that unless I give them guarantee of "proper behaviour" (i.e knuckling under) they won't allow my husband to consult the doctor for his medical issue. My husband is taking full advantage of this situation and getting away with it and blaming me for getting his parents involved. I am at a loss as to what to do. Everyday is a nightmare and I hate the fact that my FIL and husband are taking advantage of the situation. I don't know who to turn to and where should i go to get help.