Reply of notice of supreme court slp

Dear Sir, I have got relief from Honorable high court judgement as including three cut of increment & dies non for non working period . Now CISF Department has filed slp against me . Firstly My advocate has filed caveat before listed but I have got message from my advocate that my caveat is rejected due to more then 90 days before mater listed . So matter has heard and notice issued to you . now my advocate is saying that we are in second stage and we will be reply of notice but he is demanding fees out of my capacity . I have filed two times case in high court and expend lot of money during hearing at high court . I belong from a small village of UP and only a person to earn money to survive my family.I am educated by the hard work & sacrifice of my parents who never went to school. So now in this stage my priority to give shelter to my parent and spouses .So due to such financial crisis how I can proceed my case to the supreme court of India. Is this money is the only way to get justice? Help me & suggest me . Thanks, Rajesh Kumar Patel,Date of judgement 18.03.2016