Mother in law tortures me lied to me about marriage

Ive been married to my husband almost a year now and pregnant with the first child. Since the day of my marriage his mother has been creating problems for us. My husband works in USA and left me within days of marriage to get back to work. Mither in law has been torturing me mentally after which i had to go to my paremts house. Finally when my husband calledme to USA she came running the very nextday to make my life hell. She brought along his 11 year old neice with her. I did not know before marriage that this 1 year old girl, my sister in laws daughter is goimg to stay with us forever. They hid from us tht his sister was divorced and me and my husband will have to tale her responsibility. They have been harrassing me to tKe that child as my own. Tortured me mentally. Locked me in the room for days. His mother even jumped on me screaming fowl language. My husband forced me to get pregnant and then sent me to my parents house after snatching all my gold. I dont know what to do. I have had so many anxiety attacks since. My husband was also married there to a citizen which was hidden from me. I dont know if he is still married to her. Please help me