I was terminated without any notice

I was terminated from my post "Senior Web Developer". One morning I got a call from my employer. I couldn't pick it as I was driving. Few minutes later I saw a message asking me to check my personal mail id. Upon checking my personal mail Id I found that I was terminated from my post. The offer letter which I reacived at the time of joining clearly states that " If company wishes to terminate your employment, 30 days notice will be given under normal circumstances. If employment is terminated due to disciplinary actions, Company reserves the right to terminate the employee at any time and without prior notice." The above policy was not followed in my case. The reason stated for my termination according to the mail is "You have demonstrated an unfortunate lack of productivity in your capacity as Web developer. We have received several complaints about your Web developer failures. Showing disrespect to company's work policies and spending time on Internet/Phone which are not related to work." I think all this happened because I asked him to hike my salary since I have completed 11months(including 3 months probationary period). I have already approached Labour Officer and he has called for a compromise talk this coming week. Please help me on the following. 1. How much compensation I am egiligble for or how much compensation should I ask from the employer ? 2. Should I take a lawyer with me when I go to meet the Labour Officer ?