U/s 494 - Reg

Wife deserted in 1996, two children are majors and earning hands. wife filed petition for maintenance in 2009, interim maint ordered in Jan, 2012 & maintenance ordered in Dec, 2014. continuously payment made. I am retired from service on June, 2016. wife negotiated thro mediators and demand Rs.7 Lakhs from my retirement benefits. I have defrayed my loans with Credit Society, Bank and hand loans, balance is only 1 Lakh plus. I am moving closely with one lady who underwent open heart surgery in 1984, she is not eligible for leading normal family life. I am also a heart patient since 1994 and underwent a major surgery in 2006, removed gall bloder, bail duct and right side lube of liver. we both are under continuous medication and regular medical check ups. we did not went for second marriage also not living together. recently, wife has lodged a petition U/s 494, . court directed police for investigation, one magistrate and one judge involved and influenced police to prepare FIR against to us, because petitioner working as a servant in their houses. police called me to the PS and threatened me and bet me with hands and legs and handed over me to the petitioner. she and her hooligans dragged me and put in a car brought to their native place. They abused and bet me all the way and kept at their house for hours together. I contacted emergency services 100 and informed to my relatives. with the interference of SP of my Dist. Police saved me. I have made complaints to Dist,. Collector, Home Minister, CM etc. Kindly advise me how to proceed further? switched off my cell phone to escape from Police calls.