FIR under S. 406 and 420 r/w 34

Dear Lawyers My father and monther were involved in running a family restaurant with my cousin, for the expenses of running the restaurant my cousin use to transfer money to my account which was being used by my father and to my mothers and fathers joint account. After a 8 months of running the restaurant due to incurring losses my parents and my cousin decided to close down the restaurant and terminate the lease agreement. After this things turned sour and my cousin was unable to get finance to clesr up pending dues so he suggested that the goods and items at the restaurant should be sold to clear of salaries. There was also pending dues which he owed towards my parents. He was living with us for 4-5 months during the running of the restaurant. During this time he stole my fsthers and mothers pan card and adhar card. Which he has been misuing. Now he has filed a case under 406 and 420 refuting everything and stating that we cheated him and sold off the goods without his permission and wants us to give him our house. He dragged me also into it since my account was used and stating that we all had common intention to cheat. We have applied for anticipatory bail in the sessions. And he filed for an intervention. Now we are awaiting arguments. He has also got the accounts blocked without express court order by using the police. It been hell for our family. Kindly suggest what should be our next step.