My Organization put me in a situation to become homeless

I work for an MNC in Bangalore. I initiated my separation process on 5th Aug, 2014. I was to serve 90 days of notice period (31 Oct was last working day). On 10th Oct, I got an email from company manager that I will be travelling to USA on 18th Oct. There was a condition - I should revoke my termination process so that my company would start process for US travel. I revoked my termination immediately. I gave a word to my landlady to vacate my house by 31 Oct. I sold all my household stuffs as the US travel opportunity was for a long term. Next week I was denied US travel because of some issue on the customer (who wanted me to come to US) side. I am calling this practice a fraud that is followed by my organization to retain its employees. I resigned again on 22 Oct My organization has promised another US travel opportunity to that will happen on or after 8 Nov. There is no guarantee of travel as these people may betray gain. As I am vacating my house today (31 Oct) with no place to live in, company's HR says vacating house is my personal decision. If I ask HR to release me immediately from organization, he says that is not possible as I have to complete 90 days of notice period. If I choose to walk out of the company, it will take legal action against me. What am I supposed to do now? My company is forcing me to live on road. It may provide accommodation on paid basis. What shall I do now?