I have put my resume on certain job related website. Once I received a call regarding a job in private bank for clerk post and that too for my home town location which I always wanted to. The girl on call told be that I have been selected and now I would require to fill a permanent employee form with a fee amount of 1800 rs to be deposited in an account number. The insident was just before diwali holidays and then see told me that I will be getting a call from the bank for the final interview. Since then I received no calls and neither that girl is receiving my calls. I call her everyday but she don't respond to my call. I think I have become a victim of fraud and as she had done with me…i am sure she and one of her so called HR will be doing the same type of fraud with others also. I don't know what to do now..I am working in a company and I am afraid if I logde a complain I would be called to police station daily for enquiry and all. But I also want to get them caught and punished..what should I do? Plz suggest.