Not getting my Salary

HI i was joined a company office in Delhi and they selected me for working in Bhopal for some other company who had given management work to the company in which i joined, i came to bhopal and work for that company started from 11th July. They paid my salary for 20 days of July. I worked for whole August and September. After completing August month i asked them that on which that i will get my salary for the Month of August, earlier they said we will release salary by 15th Of September, after that dates are continue changing and October came. I asked them that when i will get my salary then they told me that once they will get their payment from the company for which they sent me in Bhopal then only they will release my salary.This company had released some payment but still they didn't paid me. Till date i didn't get my salary my credit card got blocked due to non payment and they are charging interest. I am not able to manage my expenses. Kindly advise me so that i can get my salary .