Regarding road issue

Sir my name is Manjunath swamy J K i am from Sarjapur , Bangalore Dist. Sir we purchased Revenue land Sy no 568/1 to the extent of of 4.5 Guntas in the yr 1986 & constructed house in 1986. So till date we about 6 families are living in the same piece of land. Only thing was we were not knowing that road is not identified in the village map.since from that period we are using the road of adjacent private property that belongs to other land lord. Meanwhile in the year 2008 the same land lord who come to the position by commercial constructed building & shifted our main gate to other property promising that he will make arrangement for road after construction of his hospital. Then he constructed compound adjecent to our property & road which we were using earlier. Afterwards many times we went & spoken to the landlord about road issue but he is not in a position to listen our words. He said it is my own property then no point in leaving road. At this point of time we dont have residential road. Now we are using the road of small property belongs to another person that is under dispute but they are not ready to leave/sell the property. Our point is we enjoyed a road for 20 years all of a sudden he promised to leaving road for us but now he got reversed. whether i can legally fight against the first landlord or what to do? please please give me legal suggestions.