4 year bond with my company

I had joined my organization as a fresher and was made to sign a 4-year bond. The bond was drafted on a Rs.100 stamp paper and it stated that I will be given a 3-month classroom training followed by on-the-job training. For this training I would have to serve the company for 4 years. If I leave the company before this period, I will have to pay Rs. 2 lac. If I stay for 4 years, the company will pay me Rs. 2 lac at the end of the 4-year period. I have completed 3 years and plan to start my own business which is in a field completely unrelated to the field of my earlier organization. This is why I have resigned after serving for a period of 3 years. I would also like to mention that the exact training structure was not specified and when I joined the organization, I was given only 1.5-2 months classroom training instead of 3 months as mentioned in the bond. The company now is not giving me a relieving letter, one month's salary and not doing my final settlement even though I served the complete notice period. Can I send them a legal notice asking me to make my full and final settlement? Thank you very much