Marriage Cancelled

Dear Sir, Please my marriage was fixed since last 2 years and i was not ready since the beginning but due to family pressure i said yes. Since 2 years I was not taking to the girl cause her boy friend was calling me again and again to say no for the marriage. Now after the date got fixed I have tried every possible means to get this cancelled but it did not worked and cause of family I could not convey it directly to any one. But girls sister knew it since beginning that her boy friend called me and asked to say no for this. Its just a month left and i have asked one of my friend to call the girl n check that what s in her mind and whey she is doing it when she is even not happy and doing it for family so my friend portrayed that she is my Girl friend and she is with me so you say now to ur father from your side. I knew this that she wanted that I should say no to this so all the blame would have come on me. So she recorded the conversation and around 25 people came to my home and said that this is the reason that ur son did not wanted to get married he all ready have a girl friend and he cheated my daughter. So here what the girl got the clean chit and all the blame came on me. Please suggest what do i do if any case happens what are the possibilities. and if case is done whats the escape?