Property issue

Hi Sir , actually my father and uncle got seperated 20 years back. according to village panchayat they seperated and my uncle has signed on stamp paper along with the village members. According to compromise my father handed him all the land and property but my uncle didn't handed the property that belongs to my father, he kept telling that he will hand over in some time. but now he has sold his part property to some one that my father handed to him. Now he is telling that he does not know any compromise, will not give any property to my father , and also acclaiming half part of property that belongs to my father according to comprise. my uncle has already filled a case regarding this , how should we a proof we have support of all the members of village that involved in compromise and one stamp paper that was signed by my uncle as well the village member , but my father never tried to get approved that stamp paper through court , how much this will be helpful to us , and one thing after seperation my uncle stayed in his part property(narkatiya which is my native )and my father has been staying on his part property(basopatti which is other village) for last 20 years. please suggest the correct path sir as we are in deep tension and pressure. my father also took it light because of brotherhood . thanks and regard Vimal Kumar