Bbmp a khata

Hi, I've come across a developer who claims to have a land parcel for which they have A khata and are planning to form a layout in which they can obtain individual A Khata for each plot in the layout. My doubts are: 1. How could they have obtained A Khata for the whole land parcel? The only way I can think of obtaining A Khata for any piece of land is when a builder gets a huge land DC converted and get the layout plan approved by BDA and subsequently BBMP, upon verifying the layout's compliance to the plan,grants A Khata for individual plots. But BDA requires the size of the layout be more than 5 acres. But this layout is less than 5 acres. So how could the builder have obtained A khata for the whole land parcel? 2. Suppose there is a piece of land that's less than 5 acres and is well within BDA and BBMP limits and is yet not DC converted and does not come under green belt or next to lake bed. After DC conversion(for which I guess BDA NOC is required), is there a chance to obtain A khata? This land could not be shown to BBMP as layout but just as one single huge plot, not being a part of any other layout. If yes, could this huge plot be later fragmented into many plots and individual plots be obtained with A Khata(if all the bifurcation bylaws are adhered to)? Regards, Sagar