police legal proceeding & what is the outcome of FIR

My father 61 age(approx)died in road accident on 17 may2014 , we have done all legal formalities like FIR, punchnama on same day before last ritual on same day.From that day till now no one from police have contacted regarding this accident case.In the FIR the victim was not mention only the vehicle is mentioned. More to add my father was still working as professional and was earning 13000/- per month.My mother is with me and have 1 elder brother and we both are married. Just want to know what is the procedure done by police in this case and will they contact me regarding this case or what is the outcome in this case.Or there is anythink i have to do what i dont have done. My brother filed a case for some kind of compensation from his someone known lawyer.But this is a long procedure to get small compensation around 50k(just read in law relatedarticles) Although my mother dont want to file a case or dont want to trouble some other person(that driver who is involved in accident)for the sake of his family or family members OR dont involve us in trouble both brother and family what she think Anyone read this please guide me , just a little bit ,What happen to this type of cases.