Removal of Wife Name in Passport

Respected Sir I am married have two children there was some issue with my wife 9 years ago. the issue was I was trading in stock market I incurred a loss at that time I got introduced to a lady client. she supported me financially and help me to over come the financial loss. But as said my wife needs her money but she always question about her integrity. she is a Muslim and I am hindu she is married and have a daughter. one day my wife called the husband of the lady client and we both don't know what she spoke the lady client got phone call from her in laws and with in 15 days her husband came back and both had divorced on mutual consent. I came to know this only after two months. I really got shocked and guilty I took care of the family which my wife opposed. still I made my mind clear that because she helped me my wife played a nasty game ruined her life. it was my duty to take care of her and her daughter. I use to send money for my children and pay rent and take care of all expenses in the family. but for past 7 years I don't have any contact with my wife, I came to know that she has changed the school of children too. but after several attempts made for past 7 years I could not establish contact with them. at the time when we were together I had my wife name in the passport but I don't think to keep the name in the passport from now, how can I remove her name in the passport can you help me on this