Recevie Notice from Husband

Dear Sir my marriage was held on 29-Nov-2011 according Hindu law. But after marriage I had to know that my husband is used to borrow money from market and force me to either talk to his friends or to take money from my home he slapped me and also mentally tortured me. In early stage I try to change them and in between my brothers and father helped him by giving money which he told to give back but as of today he has not returned any money to my family member. On 1st Jan 2014 he told me to you go my parents home as he is going out for job. After that he has not informed me or my family member that where he is, and in between this the person from which he borrowed money called my father to revert money but my father told that he was not aware about this case and refused to revert money. After 6-7 days my husband comes to my home with his family member and they all ask my family to give money because they told then my husband has taken 20-22 Lac Rs. My father helped as he can and when they went to my parents in law home they found that he surrendered the byke, laptop given by my family member which they took back after giving money to respective person. After knowing all issue there my parent didnt want me to send at that time, and as in month of March my Brother marriage was coming so they told my parent in law that we will send daughter after marriage. Mean while they also told my husband to find job as he was not doing job from last couple of months and also didn't told the same to any family member. But after my brother marriage my husband didn't find job and come home to get me back after marriage. As there was no source of income to run home so my parents told that find job or how you will run family and also they helped me (by paying fee) to do a course by help of which I can find job and duration was 3 months of that course, and told my parent in law that once she will finish course and will get job they can come revert the money my parent and brothers give to them and take me back. My father informed same once I got job but they didn't replied. In between this duration me and my family do some investigation about my husband and found he is used to take money from people and spent them. So we decide for separation. We tried to do this out of court so when my father in law called me after diwali ( there was no call on Rakhi and before Diwali to call me back) to join my sister in law function may be because of their reputation but I told that I dont want to come back and they can send necessary item at my parent home, after that my husband also called me and I told about the torture they did and for separation. As we didn't done any legal work yet so just after one day my Husband send me notice to call me back and blame me and my family that we force him to leave him home, But the truth is that his parents separated him from his JAYDAAD because they were afraid then he will sell every thing ( They did this in Jan month). What process I have to follow. My simple wish is to get separation and they give the items my parents gave them in my marriage. I don't want any help after separation as I am doing job. Please help