My Father Forced My husband to divorance me

> Dear Sir/Madam > > I am girl belonging to Punjabi family age 28 years old working in MNC .Fews month back I got married to a boy who belongs to Muslim family So our marriage was inter caste. My parents were not agreed with our marriage and they were unhappy with our discussion .So we decided to ran away from Delhi for our safety, after living few days in my husband house we came back to Delhi. Then my family contacted me and unexpectedly they expected me and my husband, which was surprised for me. So my husband and i are happly spend around 1 month together. Suddenly one day i got call from my husband that police caught him . > > I was in a shock and I contact my parents for the help and that was my mistake . My Father told to me that he is criminal and not suitable for me. I was not able to contact my Husband's parents because they quit far away from us. > > Next day i gone to police station there the SHO told me that my husband is fraud and trust me I dnt trust him .Then my father had a word with the SHO and i dnt know what My father said to him he told me that go with your father otherwise i will beat your husband very harshly till his death and show this death by illness. (My husband is dibatic & bp patient) > > I was scared but I stayed in the police station for 6 hrs .My father forcefully taken me from there then we went to a hotel there My father ,My brother and one more relative montu( jo ki apne aap ko politically strong batata hai) told me that if you donot divorce your husband I will give money to police and they will kill your husband . They beated me so harshly and threaten me that they will kill all the family of my husband .So on under pressure they brought me back to my parents home. They kept in a room without mobile without any cloth for 20 days. I was not be able to contact any one. > > Even my parents threaten me to say yes for the divorcee otherwise they will kill my husband .My father has put wrong aligation to my husband in the police station spoil his case. Even they have given money to police to say that my husband is criminal and involved in my crimes Like supply of girl, smuggling, theft etc .I have not trusted then and i was saying them, let me go to my husband's family, but they are not allowing me . They have taken all my money and all my clothes .But i fight with them .Every time when i told them let me go at least give me that amount so that i will able to reach where my husband and his family is but Than they have again started tortured me physically and mentally. They start to using abused language against me, they start to removing my cloths and saying me a prostitute in front of all family members. i was pregnent that time and they kill my unborn child ,they forcefully and illegally done abortion. They told me to say yes for divorcee so the sake of my husband life i said yes. But as I told you it our marriage was inter caste we got married according to Muslim religious. > my husband and i loves each other and we dnt want to give divorce . So next day my father and some relative going there were was my husband and his family stay. My father has taken the divorce from my husband on the gun point and he kidnapped my husband father also with the help of montu and his politician friend who was MLA (bjp)and other friend who was show him as a cabinate misiter PA. > > Today I am living with my parents but every day they tortured me physically and mentally . they told my husband parents " agar tera beta delhi aaya to hum use police ke haato encounter karwa denge, ya zindagi bhar ke liye jail mai dalwa denge, humari itni pahuch hai ki use love jihad mai fasa kar marwa dalenge tihar jail ke andar". Some of my father's friends and montu friend's who are in delhi police and politicians are started to threaten my husband's family, so my husband's parents takes my husband from delhi to there native place, as for they are belongs to middle class family and they are not be able to fight with my father. but i am continually touch with my husband, and we want justice. At the time of marriage we fill a court case against my father and he told infront of judge " ki maujhe inki shadi se koi problem nahi hai or mai kabhi bhi inko pareshan nahi karunga". We have all the proof of our marriage and decision that given by court. > > I dnt want that divorced that should occurred .I want to live with my husband and husband's family. plz help us to cancelling our divorcee or plase do any other help if u could give us. We have last hope from your side please save our love and life too. We did not leaves each other but we leaves this world together. Plz send us advice With Regards Lovely