I stay in Pune. We have house in the name of my husband. I have three children accompanying with daughter and two sons. All are married. My daughter though elder was married after two years after my sons marriage. My sons were married in 1998 and 1999 respectively. Now my daugther's husband has gone abroad in 2006 living my daughter and her son and never turned nor has any contacts. My daughter is a govt. employee and looks after our maintenance and medical, she stays with us. Prior to marriage she was taking care of us. There is no body from her in-laws also. Both my sons and their wives have no courtesy to take care of us. My both daughters in law are real sisters and stay in unity. They do not treat us or look after us , don't cook food in time, we are on medical treatment. Do not do anything of us. Last year my sons were told by the councellors of Pune Commissioner to stay away from us. They are still staying with us and give us lot of mental torture to me me, my husband and my daughter. We have good status is society and in surroundings at home we are treated by daughters in law very badly which is impossible to digest all this. Many times we have told their mother, but unfortunately she also listens to her daughters and threatens us by which my sons are also afraid of all these facts. I have to cook for them, their husband and their children or forceably they make me to cook, I can walk in house with stick or stand on platform. While working elder daughter will come and pretend that I burn her and did something wrong to her. She always tries to hold me in to fault of crime. Always try to find loop holes of crime. She is even very cruel to my husband. We are living without having any mental piece. I feel that my sons should stay away from us, which they do not do, neither tell their wives to behave. I feel that I should go to Senior Citizen court.