Power Grid Corporation of India is not giving proper compensation

Respected Ma'am/Sir ma'am/sir i lives in district Datia of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated near Gwalior in M.P. 3 years before power grid started some electric line project in our area. For this purpose they built up towers for the electric power line. which was constructed on land of many farmers. They completed their project within 3 years. so they gave compensation of 2 years for the crop they destroyed consecutively, but in last year that is 3rd year they provided compensation by deducting land use by 90%. they did this deduction with many of villagers and owner of lands. In my case they used 5280 meter square land of my farm. so they provided compensation with 8 rupees/meter square for first year and 6 rupees/meter square for second year for whole 5280 meter square area, but in 3rd year they provided compensation with 8.25 rupees/meter square only for 528 meter square. they deduct the area of land 10 times. this has been done with so many farmers of my village and nearby villages. they provided compensation by reducing area. when i talked to managers and officers of power grid and told them to file a case, then they said that they will increase my farm area and will make my area say 1000 meter square. but they are not giving compensation of full area used. Also they did not provide compensation for the land they used for the construction of towers. they provided compensation only for they destroyed crop during construction of towers and laying the electric line. so respected ma'am/sir i want to know that "Do they have a right to increase or decrease the area of compensation by themselves?" In first year i got 484000 rupees and in 2nd year i got 363000 rupees as compensation. but in 3rd year for my total land use i should get 5 lakhs rupees with 8.25 rupees/meter square, but they are giving just 50,000 rupees as the compensation. so ma'am/sir please suggest me that what should i do in this case and proceed accordingly. Thanks Regards Peeyush Dubey