Mental cruelty Divorce under section 13(1)(i­a) of the Hindu Marr

My wife and her family) have been constantly harassing me and their act amounted to mental cruelty. We got married on April 16, 2014. The marriage took place in Haryana. It was an arranged Hindu marriage. Our marriage had also cancelled before we got marriage due to her rude arrogant behavior. Her family had insulted me even before marriage. She has spoken to my mother and gone for apologies. Mother agreed emotionally and we finally got married on 16th April’14. She has been blowing the trivial matters before and after marriage which I have never expected which leads to out of proportion causing fights. Her behavior was same since beginning. She has also said many times for divorce after 1 year during honeymoon period. Her parents visited my home and asked me to quit the job because of my deputation to Nepal for official visit. I am working in a private organization and I have to abide my company decisions as you cannot say “NO” to your boss in private firms. She is absolutely non-cooperative in every respect. Her behavior towards me and my old age parents and mentally sick elder brother are also unbelievable and giving them mental and physical torture. She has not been supporting and helping my old age parents. I have asked my father to message her on her phone for daily greeting,as I wanted to build up the good relation between them, though it proved wrong. She has taken those messages in a wrong way and started insulting and blaming on my father, however there was no sexual message engaged at all. ( “Check the messages for the Evidence” ). She is an urban educated girl. In my absence, ( I was in foreign for official visit-Nepal) she had tried to kill my mother by throwing the hot boiled tea. Marks are still on her stomach (for the evidence)”. Thanks to God to save her life”. After the incident she has gone to her own home and never turned back. Now, she has also started putting the blames on my father for those messages and my mentally sick elder brother who loved her like a daughter and a sister. Wife's behavior—constantly quarreling with me loudly while at home and on phone even in front of her own parents that caused me mental anguished. She had also alleged that I am staying with other woman in foreign (Nepal) and also unnecessary allegations by saying “ Your Company is Fraud and your job location is in Nepal” Her family have pressurized me to leave my existing job. Her family member “Mr.Shiv Pahuja had also harassed me mentally during my office hours to come back to india or to leave the job. I have taken the unpaid leaves from my office for one month to resolve the matter,from 1st oct to 28th oct’14. On 11th Oct’14, we went to my In Laws home to take her back but she and her family had insulted me and my family .My wife was loud and insulted my elders in front of her parents. Their behavior was very cruel and arrogant. I have to go back to Nepal on 28th Oct’14 , to complete the pending project but my wife and her family were giving me mentally pressure to take her along to Nepal. It is such a harassment with me and my family that leads to mental cruelty. This is such a nuisance, anguish and mental cruelty In such behavior, constantly quarrel, deceptive blames have touched mental agony and torture.