Can my employer terminate me unjustly

Hi, I have been working with an organization in gurgaon. After 6 months of my tenure with the company, my employer is unjustly terminating me. They are giving in the reason for low performance. I have been working as a Manager - Web Content with the company where I am dependent on designing team for designing aspect of my content and online marketing team for getting traffic to the website. In addition, my reporting manager is Online Marketing - senior manager. Now these guys are saying that the traffic of the website is going down and that's why they are terminating me. Is it an unjust termination when my work and work results are dependent on other people/teams. Furthermore, I am not satisfied with the cause that they are showing. In an informal conversation, my reporting head said that it is due to salary issues and they dont want a costly resource. So my question is can I take a legal course of action and can I take this to the court. Do I have chances of winning in this case. Please advice. Thank you, Saumya Raghav