Legal rights of daughters & step-mother on my father's property

Hello Sir, My father has 2 daughter's myself and my elder sister from his first marriage. He re-married after a year of my mother's death and no children. He is alive. Me and my sister are married now. My query - I want to know the legal rights of us daughters and our step-mother on my father's Fixed deposits (step-mother is nominee as far as I know), Insurance (step-mother is nominee as far as I know), Property (House is in his name) and other similar things. A small percentage of investment to buy the house was from our mother's money - She was a teacher and he used to get her pension in our name and some other savings of our mother. During our wedding (both mine and my sister's), the amount for which our gold jewelry was taken was made / saved by us only from our respective job salaries. We made that money by our hard work. Our father took the expenses for both the wedding preparations. Mine and my sister's husbands are aware of this part. The problem is our step-mother is trying to get our father to help her house (brothers). My father also started leaning towards them a lot lately. And she is keeping us a little away from him. Indirectly by influencing him against us. I am a little worried how things will turn out. Guess being better informed might help reduce the shock when the worst comes. Thank you so much for all your help and support in advance. with regards, -- Deepthi George