Please help

Please help.. i got married in 2008.. in 2010 i was asked to leave my matrimonial home by inlaws and husband.. i filed a domestic violence case against husband and inlaws but at the time of filing i was living in my parents house..i even asked for a rent accomodation under dvact..while the proceedings were pending, in 2012 i re-entered my matrimonial home and later i informed the court..the moment i re-entered my husband shifted himself at sum rent accomodation but i live in my matrimonual home..inlaws tried to evict me under dvact case but the dvact judge told my inlaws that they need to file a civil suit for my eviction..but my inlaws have filed an appeal in the sessions court that since i asked for a rent accomodation in domestic violence case so now my husband is ready to provide me a rent accomodation.. so will the sessions judge evict me from my matrimonial home? will the judge send me at sum rent accomodation without my consent just because i asked for it long time back in dvact case? Please advice