Regarding appointment letter

Sir, I have to get some guideness regarding my illegal termination. I have been worked in a Co-operative Bank. I gave my written test, interviewed and was given appointment letter. Meantime I also submitted my Caste Certificate. But the appointment letter received by me was of General Category and even Confirmation and Promotion letter does not shows any indication of Reserve Category Appointment. But due Directors dispute after 4 - 5 months after receiving Promotion. I was given memo to verify my Caste Certificate and submit all the relevant documents for Validation of the Certificate. This memo was given only the selected employees. It was very much shocking to know that after Promotion the Bank is raising the Caste Certificate issue which was not given any benefit. Sir, I would like to know a man appointed in General Category can be harrasssed only because he has given Caste Certificate and no benefit given till Promotion. Caste Certificate also being verified from the Concern Authority then too Bank asking for Validity of the Caste Certificate and when we refused Bank Terminated our services illegallly. What is your Opinion I would like to know, because we have been illegally terminated and unemployed since last 10 years incourse of Justice running from one Court to Another.