I senthil now living in kollam kerala i have a joined property in dindigul tamilnadu which is in name of me, my brother and my grandfather. My grandfather died 6yrs back he has one daughter ie my mother and his wife my grand mother . I am staying with my grand parents only from when i was born. My mother filed a case against my grand mother for having 3/4 shares for her that belongs to my grand father on nov 2009 . The case is still in the court of dindigul they literarly extending the case for having benefits from the property. In that property there are many godowns and then they built new mini shops and gives all the building to rent and they only collecting the rent from 2011. They didnt give any amount to my grand mother till date. They also not willing to take care of her. I am only the care taker of my grand mother so she is living with me in kollam. So i want to know when will the case comes to end and what neccessary steps must be taken to get certain monthly amount for my grand mother from them for her expenses.