I am 57 years old female married in 1980. I have one daughter happily married. I have been working after marriage but lost job in June 2016. My husband has never supported me financially for any of my personal expenses including medical. He has left the house two months back. He is in very good position and drawing very good salary. He has not made me nominee in any of his properties / invesments. Twice before also he had left the house and gone away but somehow I managed to get him back. We dont get along well at all. The flat in which I stay in Kandivali is in his name. Also he has another flat in his name in Mira Road, which he did not disclose to me. I came to know from outside. I need to secure my old age. He did not have any property or flat when we were married. In 37 years of marriage, I did not make any property or investment of my own but always supported him. Still I wont get 50% share in his property or only after divorce I would get 50% share in his property or anything. If I get job, can I still get maintenace. Now he is giving me Rs 15000 per month but it is not sufficient. Please advise.