null and void case, troubled marriage

In a nutshell, on 30th December, 2013 my marriage with a girl was solemnized under Section 13 of Act XLIII of 1954. I had only one time sexual relationship with her and after two months, there broke out a telephonic altercation between me and my wife and with the backing of her family, she filed a case for nullity of the marriage. From the very beginning she started lying in her statement, she said: 1. The marriage was solemnized in the office of the marriage officer on that day. Fact is the marriage actually solemnized in her paternal residence as she arranged the marriage officer's visit to her house. The certificate clearly mentions the actual time and place of solemnization as noted by the marriage officer by her own hand on that day. Besides, I have several photographic evidence. 2. That I have stated the girl that I was a boss of a multinational company but later she would discover me being a PhD student. But I can still remember when I went to the Marriage Officer's residence on 23.10.2013 along with the girl, I declared my profession as a student which was noted by the marriage officer in the presence of the girl. The marriage notice bearing my declared profession may be the authentic official document in this regard. 3. She also accused that I was supposed to purchase her a residence in a megacity to start living together as husband and wife soon after the said solemnization of marriage. But I failed to keep my commitment and avoided her repeated pleas. She also said that she had sensed some illegal and arbitrary objectives on my part. Fact is I have several photographic evidence of her being with me sometimes intimately. Actually we were touring and enjoying outing. I also dropped Rs 25,000 on her personal bank account and I have the receipt split with my own handwriting on it. While she says I never responded her, the photos and the bank slip say it otherwise. 4. She then says I became violent, used filthy and derogatory language about her and her family while she inquired into my profession. Fact is I discovered her being a non-matric pass student and not a graduate as she and her family had earlier stated. I have a piece of voice record of her father using extremely obscene and vulgar words while in an altercation with him on phone-line. 5. She claims she never had sexual relationship with me and so the marriage was not consummated. Well, we had once on consensual basis. Therefore, she prays to the court to initiate criminal procedure against me and allows the marriage to be declared null and void. This is what is going on. I believe, she made a tamasha of the marriage act. A complete mockery of the justice system. It appears that she may have fallen in love with someone else or she was having such affair but suppressed it. And she has ruined my reputation and life. Her father and her elder brother are doing this to me. Can you imagine anyone stooping to such low? What should I do? What if I tell what actually happened to the court? What might be the court's decision in such cases? I don't want to cancel the marriage and I may not live with her, I want justice for my mental harassment and economic losses. Is it possible? First of all, I want to prolong the case because wife's family members and relatives have threatened me saying that they would harm me or cause damages to my material property as soon as the court declares the marriage null and void. If I cam prolong the case for at least five years, I will be able to put myself in some kind of safety valve forever. My property is located near their residence and I need some time to sell it. Also my degree will be completed by that time and I will be staying far away from them and far away from any harm. A verdict that either compensates me in terms of financial form if she gets the marriage cancelled or else does not allow the marriage to be cancelled as long as she is not able to make valid grounds. Not that I want to ruin her life because if she wants to live with me as husband and wife, I am ready for it but if all that she is up to is cancelling the marriage at will just to get rid of me so that she can marry someone else, then I think I should be given compensation because a lot of money I have been spending since the marriage because of her and it is also a blot on my life, too. Now even if the marriage is cancelled, if I am to ever marry someone, I will not be able to suppress this chapter nor would I be able to tell everything to someone I would marry. There will be questions that I will have to face. I am being reasonable here.