Regarding Public Kiss

Sir,On November one group named freedom to kiss in public had announced they are calling some groups of people to kiss each others and invitation for Husband wife and Lovers in Marine drive beach infront of public to show their protest that they need to kiss in public.This is due to cause that some people attacked a restaurant where college students kissing in public and some sex workers was found in restaurant.After some group said need freedom to kiss.And announced to public we will protest by Kissing our lovers and couples infront of people with police protection.Reason is marine drive a public place where lot of childrens playing,secondly lot of public to see this and some these people may be protected by police but public who seeing this kiss and may some time their mind may force to rape a girl who may go to home after night without police protection.Thirdly it provoked some political and communal group may this be reach in a battle.Is there any condition to this public kiss protest in public?means they can kiss in public but this is entirely different calling public we group of people going to kis as protest in public ,if u Can stop it. Sure they can kiss inside a hall or any inside building but y outside.Can it be banned or law supports them.