Need Infomation

Good morning, M y mom and dad took divorce in 2004, it was a love marriage, mom catholic and dad being Punjabi. parents did not like the match. dad side they are 6 brothers and 1 sister,all brother got married with they choice of ladies, all brothers love marriage. my dad was not well physical and mental, he had Parkinson problem, he was an alcoholic, but this brothers, just did not want him to be with my mother, they use to hit my dad and all.. after 10 years of divorce, i became a big girl, to understand things, 4 years back i went to see my dad, this brother hunt me out of the house, saying you have no relation with your dad and every thing is over and he asked me to get lost from their property. again after few months i went same thngs happened, then i went after a 1year and got to see the building is gone for Redevelopment and all uncles are now staying in dubai,then from then me and my mom was going to the same lawyer who did my mom and dad divorce, he keept telling us, they will come for settelment for are share then after 2yeras going to the lawyers, and he kept giving us dates, after 2 years from sources got to know my dad is dead. and they did not inform me and my mom. searching everyday then when to many cemetery n finally got to see my dad name in the register of the cementer. then i changed the lawyer, now this lawyer is saying i can get share in it as all the property belong to my fathers, father. because non of my uncles have work in that family, as my grandfather had made all the property. now v send notice to Dubai, their is no responds, now few days back we put public notice in the paper. what can be in chances and my i on a right path.?