Unjust distribution of scholarships

1. This is in regard to prime ministers scholarship awarded to children of retired defense persons. 2.A large no. of students from throughout India apply for the same but around 80% of the total 4000 scholarships are given to the students from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.Now one might think that all the scholarships are awarded on merit basis and the selection based on merit is absolutely fair. 3.But actually this is totally fair.The reason is that there are many students(Ex-serviceman wards) who apply for scholarship from throughout India and surely the students will be from various universities from throughout India. Also the difficulty levels of these universities will vary since there isn't a centralized syllabus and marking criteria. As an example consider University of Mumbai and any other Southern University; it is a bit easy to score 99% in Universities from southern states but in Mumbai University even the University toppers just score around 80-85%. 4. In such case it is totally unjust to compare the students just on the basis of their percentage as there is a vast difference in pattern and difficulty level of these universities.This is the reason why all the students from south India get scholarships easily and there are a few scholarships form other states since it is very easy to score marks from these universities. 5.Hence I wrote to the government department handling this and they said that they have raised this issue to ministry of defence and PMO but they were told to continue the present scheme. 6.Hence filling a case in court is the only option now.I want that the scholarships should be awarded on pro-rata basis so that students from each state get the no. of scholarships they deserve. 7.What are the chances of winning the case?How much time will it take for the case to complete?Can I file a PIL for the same?