Settlement Deed

We are four siblings ( 2 daughters and 2 sons) to our parents and my father had expired . We have a legal question about my mothers property which she had settled (executed settlement deed) to one of the above siblings. My mother inherited following two properties from her parents who died instate and she became the absolute owner of the properties as she is the only daughter. Mom’s Father Property:- Her father inherited the property by way of registered will (1945) from his father who had purchased the same out of his own funds. Her father died instate leaving behind her mom and herself as legalhiers , after some years her mom had died upon which my mom became the absolute owner and put up a building out of her own funds and receive rental income from the property . Mom’s Mother property: -Her mom and 3 other siblings of her had mutually executed a partition deed among the siblings ( 3 daughters & 1 son) as their parents had died instate . After her mom died my mom became the absolute owner of the property as mentioned in partition deed. My mom had recently executed a settlement deed for the above properties to one of my brother, leaving no real property to the other 3 siblings. Is this a legally valid property transfer, do other childrens of my mom have any claim to the property by filing partition suit.