Regarding marriage dispute

My husband married me with wrong dob, designation at work and never wanted to register the marriage. Later I found his dob being different in passport from what was mentioned in the profile (shared through matrimonial broker by email). He also wants to marry his lover and his family seeks dowry. I have the chat records with his lover sent by him after engagement (she mentioned he had taken a big decision without meeting her up.). Also, just to find a girl he was in US and shifted his company to pune a week before wedding. He mentioned in WA chat that since he is from US, matrimonial broker claimed that he should get 100 savarans of gold and he asked me to wear all the jewels I have. His family should show his relatives as they are asking for. He is from pune and im from south india so I had to come for official work matters and agreed upon without any fight. After a month time he sent me sms stating he cant live with me anymore. Now they both are working in the same area (I spoke to his lover and found this), for the reason he switched his company. He wants to unite with his lover and his family wants to find another girl with good dowry. So he asked me to sign for outside court settlement to hide this wedding but im planning to proceed legally. My parents spent money for wedding and engagement expenses and gave him gold ornaments for which I have the photographs. He also sent threatening sms that he will call up and inform my relatives about this divorce and he did tat as well. Being a fake and fraudulent guy, he is threatening me by spreading people. He should not disturb me anymore in future. I just got married 5 months ago and i'm staying away since 3 months. How should I proceed this?