Bigamy & Marriage Expenses Case

Hi , My father has left me and my mom when i was 14 in 2004. He moved to another city and we did not know where he is. I was a kid and My mom was not educated. Yet , My mom worked hard and made me study and i work now.We came to know that he is in XXXXX city in 2012 and we went there. After going there we got to know that he already married and by the time we went there they had a 9 months kid.he got married in 9months time after leaving us. So , when we went , with help of some people , a settlement saying he would look after us was done. From past 4 years , my mother used to travel to that city once in a month for a week. Even during that week , he used to not turn out and leave her all alone in the unknown city. I work in a different city so , its mostly my mom who used to travel once in a month. She is under a impression that he would take the responsibility of my marriage. From pas 6 months now that when we are asking money for Marriage , he is not turning out at all.before 6 months was a nightmare.Mom went there , he dint turn out , she fell sick , no goods in the house there , Still he did not even care to check how is she. I traveled and bought mom back to me.Now i am expecting him to give me money for my marriage and my mom wants maintenance. She doesn't want to get separated. He earns good. He has a car. Owned a house , however , he sold the house as soon as we went to the city which he is staying. Please suggest how can we proceed