Girl is Black is Threatening me for marriage

A girl whom i meet in Tamil matrimony is threatening me to marry her. we spoke with each other for 15 plus days and everything was going good only. Initially i asked her did she had any lover or not she said she is not having any lover or boy friend. but when we were talking casually she said that she had a friend in facebook and they met with each other later she went to room with that boy and that time she said that sex was not completed because she received a phone call from her home so it didn't happen fully.. Since she was not honest to me when i asked initially and this kind of activities like going to room with a boy for XXX is really bad in my perspective.. So now i said that girl i can't marry her because of this reason and now she is threatening me that she will suicide and write a letter to police and will inform Chief Minister Cell also. when i came to know about this i completely ignored her but she is daily calling me and torching that i have to marry her because i spoke with her for 15 days.. I am very much afraid about my carrier... I don't want to marry such type of girl and she is a practicing lawyer.. Kindly someone help me to get out of this situation pleaseeeee.... Below is my contact number