Possession as per Will

My father expired in 1995. After that one of my brother who had release deed spoke to me and in mutual terms we filed a case against other legal heirs. He had not disclosed to me that he had release deed. His deed is registered and declares that he has no right in any of my father's property. The case was going on and later on after a year he joined hands secretly with my other brothers and cheated me. They asked me to compromise. My father has written a Will in my favour bequeathing one room portion of the house with the garden space on the right hand side of the house property. It is a registered Will and it is his self earned property. Those years I was very innocent and was not aware of Law and proceedings, I agreed to take only portion of the Will, which I had to agree. They took signatures on few papers without intimating what was typed and I trusted them and signed. They did not give me case number and papers also. After few years around 2010, I came to know they had committed fraud, they had fraudulently misrepresented me, by showing my property in a sketch, drafted and written to another brothers name etc, but whole thing was a foolish job, that the compromise petition itself is void because it bears signatures only in the Verification part and not in the agreement part. Now in 2010 I have filed a case again regarding partition, the case is not disposed (the 1995 one) and it is open and now still going on in the court. My query now is the room portion which my father has given me, above that there are two rooms, which my brothers are using. I have got the khata transferred to the ground floor of the house. Can I get khata for I floor, because by fraud the 1st floor and 2nd floor khata is in my brothers names. Please advise. How do I go about.