Harassment from Apartment association

I have recently taken an apartment on rent in Bangalore. As agreed by the owner, I am paying the rent to the owner and the maintenance to the association. After couple of months, the apartment association is now telling me that the owner has kept many payment pending with respect to apartment maintenance when he stayed here. During the occupation of the apartment the owner had shown me an uncovered area for the car parking which he was using when he stayed here, and told me that I can park my car in that place and the maintenance includes the car parking charges. But after moving in, the apartment association is telling that the car parking does not belong to the owner, and has asked me to pay an additional charges for car-parking and two wheeler parking, which I agreed and have been paying. Now, quoting the reason that the owner has not payed the earlier dues, association is asking me to remove the car and park it outside telling that the association is withdrawn the car parking facility given to the owner. I am surprised that the association is penalizing a tenant for no mistake of mine, even after paying the complete amount for monthly maintenance. This association also charges more maintenance to the tenants then the owners. Kindly guide me how to solve this problem. I have feeling that the association may further trouble me in small silly way in days to come.