Order of injunction

Dear Sir, On 2013 I have purchased 3 cent 150 link's land to build my own house, after three month one person came suddenly and got injunction order from court against me, the below is the content mention in the injunction. I am not understand what the injunction order said. My question is: Shall i build my house now? IS this injunction order telling me to dont to trespassing in the private path way? Content in the injunction order below: Petitioner/Plaintiff Rajagopal age 65 Counter Petitioner Defendant: kishore.ss age 32 and other To counter petitioner upon motion made in to this court by adv (Adv name) counsel for plaintiff/petitioners and upon reading the petition and affidavit of said petitioner and up on perusal and records produced and hearing the petitioner/counter petitioner, this court doth order by an injunction that the respondents are restrained from the trespassing in to the plaint A and B property or from obstruction the use of the same by the plaintiff's in any manner of causing any act of waste or mischief to the said private pathway demolishing the eastern boundary line until further orders. This is the content in the injunction order Can i start my construction work? Note: A and B property said in the injunction order is house of the Petitioner, Private pathway is E property. Please help me, i brought this property before 2 year still not I am not able to construct my house. What i want to do now to start house with this injunction order? Thanks and Regards kishore.ss