Land partition case

My father (67 years) got a preliminary degree judgement for the land partition case two years back . The court has informed that he is eligible for 1/5th share.Subsequent court has formed a commission to survey the entire properties make a partition report. In these two years, commissioner visited the site twice but both the times opponents (father's brothers)were not present saying some excuse/reason. ' Now my father is already aged, i want to close these issue smoothly. Opponents also approaching me for mutual settlement outside court as per the preliminary degree. If i am going for settlement what is the procedure to be followed and following are my queries. 1. Whether a settlement agreement can be made amongst from father and their brothers and subsequently we can convey the same to court that we resolved the issue outside court? OR 2. We have to inform the court that we are ready for mutual settlement with our sharing proposals. Or any other better option is there. Regards, D.Govindharajalu