change of date of birth in passport

hello sir, i have a similar situation , my dob in passport is -[deleted], n was made when i was a minor. now when i am about to finish my studies n want to go abroad for further studies, i realised my dob in the passport is 1991 though alll my other documents have [deleted] , for that after doing all formalities they searched for the date of birth proof of 1991 and since then the proof given was a ration card and not a bc. they contacted the municipal authority , and got confirmed that the real date of birth is [deleted] , it was wrong in my 10th n 12th certificates and now i am in a state of trouble because , all the documents need to have a similar dob n other information as it becomes an international affair. for that i have put on a case in the court which is still running, n m completely confused and scared. because sir i got the date of birth changed in the municipal authority, n m scared that i may not even get the passport of [deleted] which i would have got , but for further studies i needed a 1992 passport so i did thid in a harassing mental situation. i m worried about the consequences . is it possible that i may be completely unapproved of ever having a passport? or any legal issues ? of what are the probabilities of winning in such cases ?