Property rights for married daughter on fathers property

My younger sister(40) who is married and well to do is asking for share in my father's property. My father has a asbester sheet with cement flooring house. In this house me, my mother, my dad, my wife and my daughter staying in this house from since so many years. I am taking care of my parents and staying together. Unfortunately my mother expired due to stroke and paralysed in may 2016. Apart from this all monthly expenses is born by me since so many years for home expenses In 2008 my father underwent mild heart attack and as doctor's advise they have put stunt in the blood vessel in Fortis hospital at cunnimgham road and spent around 3 lakhs and again in another 3 moths of a same year 2008 he had again sevear heart attack doctor's advised him to under go open heart surgery (CABG SURGERY) and at that time we taken a step to get it done the surgery. At that time my father in law, my mother's elder sister and my friends helped in arranging amount and surgery was successful. The total hospital bill was around 3.5 lakhs.At that time my sister has not contributed any money to clear my loans taken from my relations. So I applied for loan from Syndicate bank and cleared my dues taken with relations and friends. I paid principle and interest for 7 years. In between my also admitted in Shobha hospital for severe stomach pain. That hospital bill around Rs. 10,000 is also cleared by me. For this also there is no contribution from my sister. Like this so many medical expenses I beared by me. As my salary was less in 2008, I have not taken any medical insurance in my parents name. In may 2016 my mother fell down and doctor told she is paralysed and she has to undergo brain surgery as blood vessel got rapture and posing out. Approximate estimation will be around 4.5 to 5 lakhs. She got admitted in BGS HOSPITAL which is at Uttarahalli main road. Doctors told if delayed it may affect to her spinal cord also. If U pay 1 lakh immediately we will make brain surgery to stop blood oosing form blood vessel. So I paid 1 lakh and surgery been done. In this hospital bill my dad paid 1 lakh from his FD. During that time I told that let we pledge my mother's gold in bank and clear hospital bill.But not agreed by my dad and my sister. After insisting she paid 1 lakh in the hospital counter and told me that I pledge my Mangal either(thali chain) and paid. Remaining 1.5 lakh my aunty gave. Kindly advise regarding sharing of property. Is it necessary to give the share to my sister even though she never ever taken care of my parents.