The developer is delaying the refund of a cancelled booking, what

had booked a plot in Bangalore after the developers assurance that the registration will be in next month in 2013 January, but the registration did not occur since they did not get the final approval from BMRDA. I had told them that I am going abroad and if you don’t get the approval on time I will have to cancel the deal and they will have to return the booking amount. Then they said you can give a power of attorney to my brother and they can do the registeraiton on behalf of me during my absence. I agreed on that, but later my brother also had to move to abroad after few months ( they promised me that it will be done in next month after I went abroad). So i had no choice, so I requested the developer for option, I am not a in a position to come back in 2 years and they were not ready to wait that long, so they said you can cancel the booking and they will transfer the money to my account. I send an email to them to cancel the booking. But they kept delaying the transfer saying some or the other reasons for many months, later they said they cannot transfer the amount, they will issue a check after receiving the recipts and sale deed. I asked them for a DD and arranged my cousin to handover all the reciepts and sale deed upon receving the DD, which they initially did not agree and told me to come to their office in person and get the refund. Then I send an email to them saying that I will stay invested and will return to india next year or whenever they get the final approval. But they say once it is canceled they cannot give me the land, instead he agreed to issue the DD. But still he keeps delaying it, my cousin contacted them several times and they kept delaying the DD. What can I do to get the refund while I am abroad, what are the options I have? I have all the receipts and sale deed, but it is not registered. Please advise.