Terminated from job without notice period

Dear sir's, Was working with well known limited company from last 10 year's. 1) my reporting manager had visited my deputed job location surprising,to hand over his charge to other manager,as was shuffled for some other location,as it was his last day he humiliated so much , reason i had to complain his senior manager,i was been called to head office with my 2 junior staff and security guard. 2) reporting manager ,his senior manager and hr head,they took negative feedback from them forcefully on papers,on that statement i was been asked either to resign or will be terminated , I got shocked ,had came for justice,but i was targeted on false statement,as forcefully resign letter date was done one month before,but terminated yesterday. Points of termination 1)i had consumed alcohol sometime back and came on job,but no proofs shared. 2) timings issue coming on job , sometimes late,proof not shared. 3)empowerpent to security guard-(as it was to be strict on responsibilities)as it was good for company,but they took this as negative points 4)some manual bills where made on reporting manager approval- but the reporting manager denied for such approval. As my juniors where not been done face to face discussion for false allegations they had stated on paper. My performance was very good,had received 2 times award for best performance last year. Please suggest for further action. Thanks and regards