Partition of house property

Hi Sir, my self ajay rana, we have a ancestral house property with 50% share of my Uncle as per will of Grandfather. In the above case there is out of court settlement (orally) for Rs. 6,25,000/- in between my father and my Uncle (the amount will pay in instalments), my father had offer a token money of 1,60,000 to my uncle and uncle accept it and give a receipt that he had received the amount, again my father was pay him the amount of 40,000/- and 45,000/-. But Uncle deny in front of court that the received amount is not related to the ancestral house, and he start process to auction the house on 27.04.1998 he come with attachment warrant of house and all precious things to recover Rs.3,80,000/- the belief of court talk with my father if they paid the amount 3,80,000/- then there is no need to auction the house property my father arranged 55,000/- cash and give post dated cheque of remaining amount 3,25,000/- after the receiving amount and cheque they returns. but after 17 year my uncle restore the case and file affidavit for auction the house on date 16.02.2015. I give an application to court with all the receipts received from my Uncle against money which was already paid to them. but on 14.10.2016 court refuses my application and give order to produce the compromise deed between my father and uncle. I request all of you kindly give proper solution on the above matter (MARJ 222/89)