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Sir, me and my mother have a agricultural land of 6.5 bigha which we sold to a person by registered sale deed on 23 dec 2015 and obtained the sale consideration as 15% in cash and 85% by cheques of different amt of same date which were also mentioned in registered sale deed. all the cheque got bounced. after that during different interval he took the bounced cheques from us and gave us cash but the 50% of cheques amt is still pending and he is not looking interested in payment. the bounced cheque with the counterfoil . Sir, we didnot even took any action on bounced cheques during the time limit of reimbursing the bounced cheque amt because he requested us to do so. sir despite the unpaid amt we are also in the range of capital gain tax of rs 10 lakh, which we were not able to pay or save due to non payment of full payment till now. sir what action should we do now to recover the balance amt with interest, legal expense and capital gain tax. because he only is responsible for all the expenses and mental tensions for us for last 9 months. sir pls suggest us the most accurate action. sir we are in so much tension that i think i m moving to the stage of depression because i believe on the words of the purchaser.