Cruel and adamant Wife

What defines wife beating in law, if there are mutual fights like slapping each other etc. Does that come under domestic violence ? Problem is My wife enjoying all good amenity at home, but she does listen anything, she remains involved with her family most of the time, like on Facebook, Whatsapp , Phone. She never want to be involved with my family, even if my mother calls she dont pick phones. She frequently does irrational talks which result in heated arguments. She dont do any homely task for me except food, and in case if any argument happens, she use food as weapon against me. I have/had been complaining to her parents as well, but it looks like her parents are also pushing her for wrong things. On most of the occasions like festive etc she uses her illogical points and causes nuisance most of time. This all has made my life miserable, I have one son. I have asked her 100 times to go to Marriage counseling whenever any heated argument occurs, she says you do all these foolish task. In past there used be mutual fight, so I told her father whenever there will be any such situation, I will inform them,so I started that. but still they kept pushing their daughter, Even I heard from that nobody at home, or sleeping or went somewhere , and later they never called, so they push her, for wrong doings. There are so many things/events in last 10 years to describe her cruel acts. Even after telling anything say xyz, for 40 times for 40 days, she keep doing her things and then it turns into heated arguments. many a times she insulted my mother , and that also resulted into heated arguments. I dont understand why she is so adamant even for her wrong doings. Doing all such cruel behaviour intentionally, does that come under domestic violence. In fact I can write a book on this topic due to I have very harsh experience in last 10 years. is there any procedure in Law so that police can be deployed at my home to see things for 6 months, and it can clearly be seen that she has all amenity like maid, driver, washing machine, internet, LCD, ...etc etc I think out 24 hours , her 8 hours are spent on phone. Please suggest me what to do ?