306, 498a and dowry act

Sir i belong to muslim community. i had married a muslim girl in 2007. since then we both are residing in my wifes house with her mother and father. my parents doesnt like this marriage. first we had married ourselve with the help of my friends later our parents made our marriage separately. hence i resided in their house since 7 years. The girls family belongs to rich in our area and hence i was mentally disturbed by their over domination. we had a baby boy in the year 2012. My wife has studied degree and mba after our marriage. she was a gold medalist in mba. Further due to busy schedule in my department and due to some financial gains i use to go late home. gradually she has grown up dominaton and short temper. meanwhile in the year 2014 one day i went to home as usual and she began to speak unparliamentary language before my aunt and uncle which raised to peak level. my aunt and uncle havent spoke to her daughter at all and due to angry i went from home seriously. this happends many time but i use to return home shameless. this time i havent gone to home. one person used to work as private assistant at me. he took me to a house and provided shelter and that house in which a lady is residing. since then i havent gone to home for 20 days. in between my wife used to mesg me to come back home and i went home in between. but due to her confused mind i havent seen such behaviour before, i left home within 1 day. after 20 days she committed suicide by hanging and gave my 2 years kid poison. my uncle lodged a complaint against me, my assistant and a girl who gave me shelter. 306,498a and dowry act were booked. now the case is in the court. A2 my assistant in this case filed discharge petition and that guys petition was allowed and he was removed from this case. now myself A1 and A3 were there. Witnesses provided were the house owner of the A3 who tells that both A1 and A3 were took rent in her house with the help of A1. Next all the witnesses were the relations of my uncle. my uncles (4) brothers and their wifes were the witnesses. Further the deceased sent messages were also submitted in the charge sheet. In the messages she requested me to come home and i used to tell i need some time and you should change your behaviour. Now please tell me the advice how can i compel them.